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Updated 23 October 2016  

The national body for Amateur Radio is the South African Radio League.

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From Thursday 1 December to Saturday 31 December 2016, the annual Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) event takes place and YOTA stations will attempt to make many contacts worldwide with each other. This is an excellent opportunity to get young amateurs in their teens and early 20s to talk with their counterparts on the air 

This  is not a formal contest, but a way to get young people  on the air and to let them realize that there are hundreds of other peers around the world that feel just the same as they do about the hobby. The main aim is to get our youngsters on the air and for them to make contact with youngsters all over the world. This is an excellent opportunity for clubs to run a demonstration at a local school or church or to gather together with our amateur friends at the club and display this great hobby to our South African youth! 

The SARL  will once again register as a Region 1 Member Society participant and obtain the special call sign ZS9YOTA that will be registered as an educational call sign for use by clubs and individuals during December. Details pertaining to bookings for the special call sign will be made available during November. For any additional information or possible questions please forward your e-mails to Koos, ZR6KF, at koosfick096@gmail.com or alternatively to Nico, ZS6QL, at  zs6ql@mweb.co.za. They will provide you with much more information and will answer any questions.






Listen to their experiences hereYOTA2016.mp3

The four young Radio Amateurs who represented South Africa at YOTA 2016 in Austria reported back  about their experiences. They said they could not believe the tremendous technological development in amateur radio and how their European counter parts had embraced it. They also were amazed at the expert level of using CW as a communications mode. They met on Saturday 13 August  at the NARC with the sponsors who assisted with making their visit possible ( with also a lot of financial support from their parents). With YOTA month coming up in December they encourage young Radio Amateurs in South Africa to brush up on their Morse code as with the declining sunspot cycle CW will again become a popular mode.  The four, Koos ZR6KF, Michelle ZS6MEM, Rourke ZS6RDH and Ruben ZR6RJV, have great ideas about taking amateur radio to the youth  at  an excitingly  higher level. They would not speak about it  but said watch this space. 

Hammes  learn to construct a PC board and solder

 What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio is a hobby, a leisure time activity much like a sport such as soccer, rugby or cricket. As with a sport you have to be trained to participate but not in a physical way on a filed but in a classroom or through self-study. You have to acquire some technical skills in radio communication and basic electronics.

So while Amateur Radio, or hamradio is a hobby by participating in it you will acquire skills that will be useful as a stepping stone when choosing  a career in electronics or communication.

What do Radio Amateurs do?

Radio Amateurs or Hams as they are often called use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts on the International space station. Radio Amateurs can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot.

Radio Amateurs have a full range of communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. As a licensed radio amateur you will be able to joining experiments using all these modes.

Join the SARL Youth Net

Every second Sunday at 17:00 Young Radio Amateurs get together to share ideas. Join them. If you are not licensed visit a radio amateur near you and experience amateur radio on the air.

Next Youth Net will be on Sunday 14 August 2016 on 7070 kHz at 17:00 local time





Back home at NARC 13 August 2016

Meeting the sponsors 13 August 2016 (click on pic for a larger  version)

Left to right the SA YOTA 2016 team with their sponsors : Mario ZS6MAR, Noel ZR6DX (Hammies) SamZS6BRZ, Michelle ZS6MEM,Reuben ZR6RJV, Koos ZR6KF, Rourke ZS6RDH, Nico ZS6SRL, Renier ZS6HOT.  Listen to Amateur Radio Today on 21 August for an interview with the four. 

JOTA 2016 team discussing the final arrangements

SARL YOTA team at the cultural evening


The SA Amateur Radio Development Trust is inviting applicants for two Tony Reumerman Bursaries for students under 25 years old  planning to write the October 2016 Radio Amateur Examination. Full details and an application form can be found on www.amateurradio.org.za.


On Saturday 7 May 2016 the club put its callsign on the air under the supervision of SARL youth coordinator, Koos Fick, ZR6KF

A new youth club was founded during March 2016 with a group of six youngsters from  Hӧerskool Jeugland in Kempton Park. 

The club is known as the Jeugland Active Radio Club.  The club callsign ZR6JRC was issued by ICASA. 

An interesting fact is that the club committee in its entirety consists of the youngsters themselves. The first official club meeting was held on Saturday 15 April 2016. Electronics as a subject is now being offered at the school.

The club originated from a father and son (Guy and Cameron Earls) initiative as they are enrolled to write the RAE in May 2016 The necessary preparation work is in progress in order to start with RAE lectures soon to get the youngsters licenced.

Find out more how you can get involved in Amateur Radio.  Download the latest Hammies newsletter here